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EFC-Electronic Flow Control for Compressed Air

EXAIR’s EFC™ is a user-friendly electronic flow control for compressed air that is designed to minimize compressed air use on blow off, drying, cooling, conveying and static elimination operations. The EFC combines a photo electric sensor with a timing control that limits compressed air use by turning it off when no part is present. The timing control permits easy tuning to the application requirements while providing flexibility in sensing distance. The EFC also has eight programmable on and off modes.

Easy electrical hook-up; 100V-240VAC
NEMA 4/IP56 environments
Compact sensor for mounting in tight spaces
Eight function analog timer for on/off, pulsing and delay control
Time setting from 0.10 sec. to 120 hrs.
Sensor withstands water and dust for accurate readings
Sensor has superior immunity to noise and inductive loads
Sensor has long distance sensing up to 3 feet (1m)
Auto body blowoff
Package cleaning
Part drying after wash
Dust removal
Scrap removal
Filling operations
Pre-paint dust removal
Wiping contaminants
Cooling hot parts
Neutralizing static
Cleaning molded parts


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