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Aodd Pumps

Teryair AODD pumps

Teryair manufactures a growing programme of pneumatic equipment and tools.

The equipment boasts of cutting edge features, comparable with the worlds best technologies, and compete successfully, feature for feature, with the industry leading brands and all this at competitive pricing.

Prominent among the equipment is the lineup of Teryair pneumatic air operated double diaphragm pump range. These pumps are being currently exported to over 40 countries, both as a teryair product and under private !able arrangements.

Last year teryair produced and sold over 9000 pumps and there is an ambitious growth plan in the coming years.

In India and around the world, teryair pumps are supported by strong no nonsense warranties and a promise of quick supply of spares.

Why Teryair AODD Pumps ?

Every pump is duration tested on a test bench at maximum load. Every pump performance parameter is recorded and traceable. This ensures unparalled pump reliability.

State of the air manufacturing under an ISO 9001:2015 enviornment. Teryair pumps are CE and Ex certified.

AODD Pumps
AODD Pumps

Manufacturing Facilities

Research Development

Teryair employs cutting edge design software and has trained engineers. They have been consistently improving the product by listening to user feedback. And new products are being launched every year.

Quality Assurance

Under the environment of ISO 9001 system, Teryair ensures that customer expectations are met and exceeded.


Teryair is located on the outskirts of Mumbai, Indias thriving hub of commerce and industry. The factories are fully equiped to produce quality pneumatic equipment. All critical components are manufactured in house and this this way a strict control on production planning, timely delivery assurance and quality control is achieved.

AODD Pumps
AODD Pumps

Teryair diaphragm pump advantages

  • • Pumps variety of fluids
  • • Easy startups, no priming.
  • • No foamng or shearing of the product being pumped
  • • No damage due to running without lubrication (MaxFlo fitted pumps)
  • • Solid particle handling
  • • No damage when stalled or overloaded.
  • • Capable in submersible, flooded or negative suction orientations
  • • Explosion proof, Atex Certified *
  • • No mechanical seals to replace
  • • Variable flow
  • • Suited for fixed and portable applications.
AODD Pumps
AODD Pumps
AODD Pumps

Aluminium Pumps

Aluminium Pumps are lightweight and easy to move about.

These aluminium constructed pumps are commonly combined with Neoprene, Nitile or Santoprene elastomers.

With these elastomers they are ideal for pumping of water and water based fluids, non agressive fluids, oily fluids and fluids having low acidic or alkali concentrations

Aluminium Pumps offer a relatively low cost solution to many pumping applicaitons.

For this purpose the main industries that choose Aluminium pumps are; Paints, Marine, Mining, Ceramic and Waste Water/Pollution mangement.

Stainless Steel 316LPumps

Stainless Steel constructed pumps are used in applications which demand high pumping performance, combinations of hot and corrosive fluids, both acidic and alkali. They are the ultimate choice for durable long life performance.

These pumps are usually combined with highly capable and corrosion resistant diaphragms, mainly PTFE and often Viton and Santoprene. With these elastomers they are ideal for pumping of fluids like benzyl diacetone, phosphoric acid, ferric sulfate, isopropyl chloride, transformer oils and many other similar fluids. Excellent choice when pumping highly aggressive fluids such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, ketone and acetates

These pumps find wide applications across industries, some popular industries are Chemicals, Pharma, Food/Beverage and Electronic manufacturing.

AODD Pumps